How to Achieve Maximum Success with Houses

How to Find a Good Realtor

Buying a new home requires some serious preparation, from increasing your credit score to saving up for a down payment. But, that’s just getting started! You also want somebody who will be able to help you find homes you’ll love, search for the mortgage that best suits your needs, and basically just be your guide through the whole financially and emotionally demanding process. That’s where the services of a real estate broker or agent come in handy.

Below are tips that can help you find a good realtor:

Know the differences among different real estate professional titles.

The first thing you may observe when looking for home-buying help is the different titles used by industry professionals – agent, broker, Realtor(R), and the rest. Are they all but one and the same? Certainly not! A real estate agent can be anybody who has obtained a license to sell property, after completing over 100 hours of course work and passing a qualifying test administered by the state. A real estate broker is a professional who has taken advanced studies and can hire agents working under them. A Realtor can be an agent or broker who is a certified member of the National Association of Realtors(R). Realtors keep to a strict code of ethics dictating how they must treat their client. Think of it as extra insurance that they’re devoted to your cause.

Consider more than real estate broker or agent.

The NAR says at least 66% of first-time buyers contacted only one real estate broker, and that a wrong practice. Besides, how can you be so sure about making the right choice if you didn’t even look around? Any legwork you put in extra can actually pay off in the long term. Explore at least two or three agents, compare them and choose the best.

Interview your prospects.

This is one crucial step you’re not allowed to skip. And during the interview, ask questions that delve into the following:

Local Knowledge and Experience

You should look for a seasoned agent–and even if they don’t need decades of experience, they can be risky if they only have up to two years. On the other hand, someone who just got their license should not be automatically removed from your list, if they have lived in your preferred location for a long time. Balance overall experience versus local experience when you decide.

Alone with with a Group?

An agent who works with a team can respond faster to your concerns and give you more attention. Obviously, this is because a lot of people will be working on the same tasks, such as drawing up a realtor marketing plan.

Agent Availability

Finally, as much as possible, choose a full-time agent to ensure that availability will not be an issue. If you can only see houses during their convenient time, you could be missing out on many good ones. Availability is specifically important if you have to purchase a house ASAP.